Nerdx c

We're a small tech developer.

Front End Design

There is more to design than just fancy shaded icons and colours that make the page 'pop'.

We can help you design an intuitive user interface, that won't require a 3-day course in order to drive it.

Full Stack Development

Understanding the problem is half the battle, the other half is understanding the solution.

Where some developers will specialise in one or two layers, we work with the entire stack in mind.

Business Systems Consultant

In the fast-paced wild west of business, it's important to make a good decision now, rather than a perfect decision to late.

Leverage your competitive advantage with the right systems at the right time.

We can help identify systems; implement solutions; and automate like a boss.

VPS/Cloud Hosting

Set yourself up for success on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) and have your systems scale at the same rate as your business.

We can help pull together a flexibile solution without the ridiculous price tag.

Outside the Box

Our philosophy is reinforced by an engineering mindset to problem solving.

We question the status quo, avoid band-aid solutions and think outside the box in order to get the job done.